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  1. by Stephen H. Hall, Garrett W. Hall, James A. McCa / 2007-05-27High-Speed Digital System Design: A Handbook of Interconnect Theory and Design P
  2. by Michael Predko / 2007-05-27Programming and Customizing the Pic Microcontroller
  3. by Grady Booch / 2007-05-27Object Solutions : Managing the Object-Oriented Project (Addison-Wesley Object T
  4. by Matt Kloskowski / 2007-05-27The Photoshop CS2 Speed Clinic : Automating Photoshop to Get Twice the Work Done
  5. by Galen Gruman / 2007-05-27The Tech-Savvy Real Estate Agent
  6. by Alex Vrenios / 2007-05-27Linux Cluster Architecture
  7. by Harvey & Paul) Deitel & Associates / 2007-05-27C++ How to Program (5th Edition) (How to Program)
  8. by Bernard W. Taylor / 2007-05-27Introduction to Management Science with Student CD (9th Edition)
  9. by Ralph Morelli, Ralph Walde / 2007-05-27Java, Java, Java, Object-Oriented Problem Solving (3rd Edition)
  10. by Graham Glass, King Ables / 2007-05-27Linux for Programmers and Users
  11. by Andrew S Tanenbaum, Albert S Woodhull / 2007-05-27Operating Systems Design and Implementation (3rd Edition) (Prentice Hall Softwar - Removed
  12. by Harvey & Paul) Deitel & Associates / 2007-05-27Visual C# 2005 How to Program (2nd Edition) (How to Program)
  13. by John English / 2007-05-27Ada 95: The Craft of Object-Oriented Programming
  14. by Kim Walden, Jean-Marc Nerson / 2007-05-27Seamless Object-Oriented Software Architecture: Analysis and Design of Reliable
  15. by Trevor Hopkins, Bernard Horan / 2007-05-27Smalltalk: An Introduction to Application Development Using VisualWorks
  16. by Scott Love, Steve Lane, Bob Bowers / 2007-05-27FileMaker 8 Functions and Scripts Desk Reference
  17. by Ed Bott, Woody Leonhard / 2007-05-27Special Edition Using Microsoft Office 2003, Student-Teacher Edition (Special Ed
  18. by Frank F. Fiore, Linh Tang / 2007-05-27Launching Your Yahoo! Business
  19. by Paul S.R. Chisholm, David Hanley, Michael Jones, Michael Lindner, Lloyd Work / 2007-05-27C Programming: Just the Faqs
  20. by Zak Greant / 2007-05-27My SQL? Phrasebook: Essential code and Commands
  21. by SAS Publishing / 2007-05-27Base Sas(r) Guide to Information Maps
  22. by Michael A. Raithel / 2007-05-27The Complete Guide to SAS Indexes - Removed
  23. by Matt Raible / 2007-05-27Spring Live
  24. 2007-05-27Practical Smalltalk
  25. by Dennis Merritt / 2007-05-27Building Expert Systems in Prolog (Springer Compass International)
  26. by Howard Bowman, Rodolfo Gomez / 2007-05-27Concurrency Theory : Calculi an Automata for Modelling Untimed and Timed Concurr
  27. by Mooi Choo Chuah, Qinqing Zhang / 2007-05-27Design and Performance of 3G Wireless Networks and Wireless LANs
  28. by Natalia Andrienko, Gennady Andrienko / 2007-05-27Exploratory Analysis of Spatial and Temporal Data: A Systematic Approach
  29. by Marco Mamei, Franco Zambonelli / 2007-05-27Field-Based Coordination for Pervasive Multiagent Systems (Springer Series on Ag
  30. by Sivarama P. Dandamudi / 2007-05-27Guide to Assembly Language Programming in Linux
  31. by Nikos Paragios, Yunmei Chen, Olivier Faugeras / 2007-05-27Handbook of Mathematical Models in Computer Vision
  32. by Walter R.J. Baets / 2007-05-27Knowledge Management and Management Learning: : Extending the Horizons of Knowle
  33. by Rafael H. Bordini, Mehdi Dastani, J├╝rgen Dix, Amal El Fallah Seghrouc / 2007-05-27Multi-Agent Programming : Languages, Platforms and Applications (Multiagent Syst
  34. by Yanchun Zhang, Jeffrey Xu Yu, Jingyu Hou / 2007-05-27Web Communities : Analysis and Construction
  35. by Bo Leuf, Ward Cunningham / 2007-05-27The Wiki Way: Quick Collaboration on the Web
  36. by Ken Henderson / 2007-05-27The Guru%27s Guide to Transact-SQL
  37. by Jan Axelson / 2007-05-27USB Complete : Everything You Need to Develop Custom USB Peripherals (Complete Guid third edition)
  38. by Alec Sharp, Patrick McDermott / 2007-05-27Workflow Modeling: Tools for Process Improvement and Application Development
  39. by John Paul Mueller / 2007-05-27Mastering Web Development with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
  40. by Melissa Craft, Michael Cross, Hal Kurz, Brian Barber / 2007-05-27How to Cheat at Designing a Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Infrastructure
  41. by Susan Snedaker, Nels Hoenig / 2007-05-27How to Cheat at IT Project Management
  42. by Eric Cole, Sandra Ring / 2007-05-27Insider Threat
  43. by Brian Caswell, Gilbert Ramirez, Jay Beale, Noam Rathaus / 2007-05-27Nessus, Snort, & Ethereal Power Tools : Customizing Open Source S
  44. by Charl Van Der Walt, HD Moore, Roelof Temmingh, Haroon Meer, Johnny Long, Chris H / 2007-05-27Penetration Tester%27s Open Source Toolkit
  45. by Lance James / 2007-05-27Phishing Exposed
  46. by Christian Lahti, Roderick Peterson, Steve Lanza / 2007-05-27Sarbanes-Oxley IT Compliance Using COBIT and Open Source Tools
  47. by Paul Piccard, Brian Baskin, George Spillman, Marcus Sachs / 2007-05-27Securing IM and P2P Applications for the Enterprise
  48. by Paul Craig, Mark Burnett / 2007-05-27Software Piracy Exposed
  49. by James C. Foster / 2007-05-27Writing Security Tools and Exploits
  50. by Brian Taylor / 2007-05-27The Official New Features Guide to Sybase ASE 15
  51. by J.P. Hamilton / 2007-05-27VB Shell Programming
  52. by Roger Weeks, Edd Dumbill, Brian Jepson / 2007-05-27Linux Unwired

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