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  1. 08:56[share_ebook] Understanding the Linux Kernel
  2. 08:55[share_ebook] Vi Vim tutorial
  3. 08:55[share_ebook] Vi Vim tutorial
  4. 08:55[share_ebook] Vi Vim tutorial
  5. 08:55[share_ebook] Vi Vim tutorial
  6. 08:55[share_ebook] Vi Vim tutorial
  7. 08:55[share_ebook] Vi Vim tutorial
  8. 08:55[share_ebook] Vi Vim tutorial
  9. 08:55[share_ebook] Vi Vim tutorial
  10. 08:55[share_ebook] Vi Vim tutorial

Author / ReadersTop10 Unix/Linux eBooks:

  1. 936Unix Shell Programming, 3rd Edition
  2. by Daniel Bovet, Marco Cesati / 935Understanding the Linux Kernel, Third Edition
  3. by Mark G. Sobell / 900A Practical Guide to Linux Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming
  4. 870Unix Network Programming, Vol. 1: The Sockets Networking API
  5. 842Linux in a Nutshell 5th edition
  6. by Ellie Quigley / 799UNIX Shells by Example Fourth Edition
  7. 791Beginning Shell Scripting (Programmer to Programmer)
  8. 780[share_ebook] Vi Vim tutorial
  9. by Bruce Molay / 726[request_ebook] Understanding UNIX LINUX Programming A Guide to Theory and Practice
  10. 722[share_ebook] Managing Projects with GNU - Make

Added TimeLatest Added Unix/Linux eBooks:

  1. 2023-03-03How Linux Works What Every Superuser Should Know, 3rd Edition
  2. 2023-02-25Accelerated Linux Core Dump Analysis; Training Course Transcript with GDB and WinDbg Practice Exercises, 3rd Edition, (Linux Internals Supplements
  3. 2022-12-22Learn DevOps From Scratch -Moole Muralidhara Reddy [2022-12]
  4. 2022-10-07What is Automation Testing? | DevOps Training | Intellipaat
  5. 2022-09-05Linux Fundamentals, 2nd Edition
  6. 2022-07-09Everything Linux
  7. 2022-07-09Administering Linux Servers
  8. 2022-07-08Udemy: Master Linux and shell script from basic to Pro
  9. 2022-05-22Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment (Addison-Wesley Professional Computing Series)
  10. by Richard Blum / 2022-05-12CompTIA Linux Certification Kit: Exam XK0-005 (Comptia Linux Study Guide) 2nd Edition
  11. 2022-02-26Linux Tutorials All Batches Classes for Beginners to Expert [2022-02]
  12. 2022-02-24Udemy: Linux Heap Exploitation - Part 3
  13. 2022-02-24Udemy: Kali Linux Network Scanning, Pentesting & Digital Forensic
  14. 2021-12-06Linux Magazine USA – Issue 254 – January 2022
  15. 2021-11-27The Linux Command Line Bootcamp: Beginner To Power User [2021-08]
  16. 2021-11-27Linux Made Simple – 19 November 2021
  17. 2021-11-26Bash Shell Programming for Data Sciences: Animated [2021-04]
  18. 2021-11-25fast-track-red-hat-enterprise-linux-rhcsa-with-vms [2021-04]
  19. 2021-11-24learn-linux-in-almost-7-days
  20. 2021-11-22Learn Linux administration and linux command line skills
  21. 2021-11-20Learn Linux Security - Firewalls [2021-11]
  22. by Bruce Nikkel / 2021-10-25Practical Linux Forensics: A Guide for Digital Investigators
  23. 2021-08-11Udemy; The Linux Command Line Bootcamp: Beginner To Power User
  24. 2021-07-05Account management in Linux
  25. 2021-06-07LPIC-2 Linux Professional Institute Certification Study Guide: Exams 201 and 202
  26. 2021-03-23Wicked Cool Ruby Scripts Useful Scripts that Solve Difficult Problems
  27. 2020-06-18Linux Bible 2010 Edition; Boot Up to Ubuntu, Fedora, KNOPPIX, Debian, openSUSE, and 13 Other Distributions
  28. 2020-05-03A Practical Guide to Linux Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming 2nd Edition
  29. 2020-02-05Linux Shell Scripting Bootcamp: The fastest way to learn Linux shell scripting
  30. 2020-01-05Kali Linux: 2 books in 1: The Complete Beginner's Guide About Kali Linux For Beginners & Hacking With Kali Linux, Full of Practical Examples Of Wireless Networking & Penetration Testing.
  31. 2020-01-04Linux 2 in 1: Beginners guide command line Understand the basics and essentials of security, networking, administration and operating system for hackers. Include exercises, tips, and tricks
  32. 2019-12-27Linux Kernel Internals, 2nd Edition
  33. 2019-12-27Udemy - The Complete React Developer Course (w Hooks and Redux) [Last updated 5-2019]
  34. 2019-12-27Linux Kernel Networking; Implementation and Theory (Expert's Voice in Open Source)
  35. 2019-12-24Mastering Linux Kernel Development; A kernel developer's reference manual
  36. 2019-12-24Mastering Linux Kernel Development; A kernel developer's reference manual
  37. 2019-12-23Designing BSD Rootkits; An Introduction to Kernel Hacking
  38. 2019-12-23Linux Networking Architecture
  39. 2019-12-23Professional Linux Kernel Architecture
  40. 2019-12-22Linux Kernel Development, 2nd Edition


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